We are a long established (20+years) family run business based in Smallfield, Surrey, close to Gatwick Airport, Manor Royal, Crawley, Horley and Redhill.

Like any business we have a few basic rules and terms and conditions,

  • Payment – we bill monthly, and our preferred method of payment is Standing Order or monthly Bank Transfer, if you fall into arrears please speak to us as soon as possible, we reserve the right to charge late payment fee’s / interest, and if we have had no contact or payment with 3 months we reserve the right to terminate your storage and remove and or sell the contents to cover the costs of your arrears, we also reserve the right to amend the cost of your storage on a yearly basis.
  •  Prohibited Items  – for your safety and the safety of others there area few things we do not allow in our storage units
    • Food or perishable goods unless securely packed so that they are protected from and do not attract vermin.
    • Combustible or flammable materials or liquids such as gas, paint, petrol, oil, or cleaning solvents.
    • Firearms, explosives, weapons or ammunition.
    • Toxic waste, asbestos or other materials of a potentially dangerous nature.
    • Any item which emits any fumes, smell, or odour.
    • Any illegal substances, illegal items or goods illegally obtained.
    • Compressed gases.
  • Insurance, you should ensure that your goods are covered by your own insurance whilst in storage, we do not offer insurance as part of any of our storage agreements, please arrange this yourself
  • Please park responsibly whilst at our facility and do not block access to any other units or in any of the reserved spaces for other units, vehicles also cannot be left at our facility whilst you are not here, unless with prior arrangement from us.
  • Where you have outside storage please keep it tidy and all of your goods inside the perimeter of the area you are allotted,  goods outside this area may be removed or charged additional storage fee’s for at our discretion.
  • Respect other users of our facility and our neighbours, we do not tolerate violence or abuse and you may be asked to leave without notice if you do not respect this rule.